Market Map

Investment Objectives

Sygma Investments, LLC has yield requirements that are commensurate with the risks and opportunities presented by each property. Sygma Investments, LLC focuses on sub- markets of growth and stability with “barriers to entry” and/or properties available below replacement cost. Additionally, we prefer stabilized properties (min 85% occupancy) requiring a renovation or upgrade where the property’s grade or class is below that of the other competitive properties in its market.


Acquisition Criteria

Property Type:                     Multifamily – Garden Style Apartments (preferred)

Asset Class:                           B+ to C+ (Primary focus is Class B assets)

Location Quality:                  A+ to C+

Property Size:                       50 – 400 units (15+ in CA); single asset or portfolios

Property Vintage:                 1978+

Investment Structure:           All cash to seller; Loan assumptions on a case-by-case basis.

Value Plays:                         Seeking stabilized assets with operational and physical repositioning opportunities.

Sygma Investments, LLC sources stabilized and value-add apartment properties of 50+ units in size and repositions them by 1) adding capital improvements and 2) reducing expenses by creating operational efficiencies through the implementation of institutionalized property management. Sygma Investments, LLC  then sells the community as a stabilized asset within five to seven years.



Texas, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Missouri, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Colorado, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Indiana, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida


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